HAMP Synergy Short / Tall

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Small - New Part #: H1540-PFB-525 - BLUE
Small - Old Part #: H1540-PFB-515 - GREEN (Discontinued)

Large H1540-RTA-515

The new part number for the small filter will be the filter you receive as the old green filters are discontinued. These are IDENTICAL filters, only difference is the color of the filter. Please see the pictures of inside comparison.

Synergy are aftermarket products designed by Honda and are a step up from the "Honda Original Parts" products. Not meant to compete with racing products, however, these pieces are quality. The HAMP oil filter can be used on any Honda, but was specifically designed for use in  the Type-R and S series cars in mind. Features include a unique release valve that dynamically adjusts to the conditions within the filter to keep the oil flow and pressure constant. The HAMP oil filter will last longer and filter better than any of the oil filters currently on  the market.
The small hamp filters that we offer are originally made for the RSX/DC5-R  and EP3(03 Civic Type-R). They will also fit all  88-00 Fuel injected Honda/Acuras. By the same token, the new small HAMP filters will give about 5 psi more of oil pressure due to its smaller size. There is no loss of filtration or  performance with the smaller filter.
This HAMP Synergy oil filters will work with  all 1990-up Honda/Acura vehicles  (B/D/H/F/L/K-series engines) and will give a  higher and more consistent oil pressure which is  ideal for high performance applications.